BERT Transmission

The "BERT" transmission shifter mechanism incorporates an over center feature which insures positive high 
gear engagement.  High gear is direct drive, low gear and reverse are operated by an internal hydraulic clutch which 
eliminates the regular clutch.  
Crankshaft coupler and shifter NOT included.

Transmission W/Standard Aluminum Case

Part # BE-64100    Racer $ 1475.95

Ball Spline Transmission W/Aluminum Case

Part # BE-64100BALL  Racer $ 1995.95

* NOTE:  BERT transmissions DO NOT use 90W gear oil.  Use only Type F automatic transmission fluid.  Shifter not included with transmission.

A Transmission Case must be purchase when shipping this item.

Part # 65110     Racer $ 80.00

  To get maximum life from the clutch in a Bert or Brinn Transmission you must depress the clutch pedal firmly and refrain from using a lot of power in low gear.  Internal clutches can not tolerate hard acceleration.

Bellhousing and Flywheel

Part #


  BE-301   Chevy Assembly - Aluminum.* $ 539.95
  BE-301H -MAG   Chevy Assembly - Magnesium * $ 659.95
  BE-370   New Design Flywheel Ring $  64.95
  BE-371-G   Steel Gilmer Hub $  94.95
  BE-371-H   Steel HTD Hub $  94.95
  64102   Starter (Not Included) $ 249.95

*Flywheel is included in assembly.

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