Plastic Nose Pieces

Early Style Camaro Upper Nose

Early style Camaro upper nose is designed to fit '70 thru '81 Camaros.  Made of high 
impact polypropylene (plastic) for extreme durability.  The Camaro bumper 
sold below is designed to fit this upper nose.

Part #  HB722     Racer  $67.95

Early Style Camaro Lower Spoiler

Early style Camaro lower spoiler is designed to fit the upper nose.  Its purpose is to get more 
air over the top of the car, creating more downforce.  Made of the same durable 
material as the upper Camaro nose.

Part # HB824     Racer  $52.95

Early style Camaro Headlight / ID Packages

Headlight / Grille ID package fits all early style Camaro nosepieces.  Includes everything you 
see (headlights, turn signal and grille decals).

Part # HB-ID     Racer $ 29.95

Camaro Bumper

Fits early style Camaro upper nose and lower spoiler (sold above).  Just weld bumper 
to your chassis, drill hole and pop rivet the nose to the bumper and fender.

Part # 50427     Racer $ 34.95

Early Style Camaro Aluminum Hood

Camaro Hood Must Ship By Truck!!!

Part # 70731     Racer $ 169.95

Early Style Camaro Aluminum Body Panels

Black - White - Red - Chevron Blue - Huron Blue - Yellow - Orange

Part #


70721A-Color   Aluminum Door $ 64.95
70722A-Color   Aluminum Rear Quarter $ 59.95
70723A-Color   Aluminum Front Fender $ 64.95



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